musical update

News abound from my musical world. This morning, after much personal reflection, I decided to split from my long time band Half-State.

prior to a gig in radio city

it was not a decision i took lightly. i have been building up to it for a long time and there was many decisive factors the most important being that i no longer know what i want to do with them and don’t know where to go from where we are and to continue in such a vein would be wasting all of our time. it should be noted that i love those guys dearly they are my brothers and i wish i didn’t feel the need to take such steps but sometimes we have to make tough decisions and I’ve taken this and will have to live with it. i loved my time playing with them and enjoyed nearly all of it but the time to move on is now. we have been playing together a long time and built wonderful memories together. I can’t thank these guys enough for helping bring my music to life over the past few years and maybe someday in the future I’ll change my mind and try bring it all back but for now I move onto new challenges and really hope that Jim, Brian and Chip also move onto their own projects. Jim in particular, as much as i loved playing with Brian and Chip it must be said that Jim is my all time favourite musician to play with and certainly the one i’ll miss playing with the most. I’m not sure I’ve played with someone who matches his enthusiasm or joy in what he’s doing and easily one of the most talented musicians I’ve played with and will miss that possibly more than anything.

one of the musical challenges that i move onto is work with my new band S.O.L. i have less up front involvement in this as lead singer elva kenna takes much of the stress although me and bassist mike also chip in with writing and production. to the end of this new project my musical family has grown once again with the addition of a new member as i picked me up an electric mandolin “Natalie” as I’ve christened her. it’s a revelation mandotele that looks like the eastwood mandotele pictured below

I’ve got my eyes on possibly starting some form of rock type covers band but I’m not fully sure yet whether that’ll pan out but it certainly may end up a reality. in all honestly my thoughts on this lie in lofty ambitions of playing the rory gallagher festival so it’d be a big deal if it does happen. this is spurred by a couple of bands i saw at this years festival where no doubt i could grab a drummer a bassist two weeks before the event and be better than so i may give that a try.

 that’s whats happening in my musical world. upset about how certain things have panned out, having given so much energy and effort into it’s  disappointing to have to walk away but i believe it’s what i need to do right now. however i am excited about what lies ahead for me., and will write-up any further thoughts on my music.

anywho thank you to jim chip and brian for everything but also everyone who came out to listen and support us over the years.



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